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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


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Gary Stock

Condominium uses aren't necessarily bad. As I wrote years ago: "A condominium is not a building. It is a form of ownership." ( http://www.wtgrain.org/define/w2gcond.htm ) (And, I'm familiar only with Michigan land and law, not that of Georgia.)

Applied properly, a condominium ~could~ enable preservation of open-space or natural areas that otherwise lose integrity when divided among individual landowners. Few things are more challenging to desirable native wildlife than multiple, conflicting regimes of habitat management and neglect.

How to convince locals to apply condos properly... wow. That's anyone's guess!


Condos are great close to stores and jobs. Not so much out in the woods where they generate traffic and send children to school when the county doesn't collect enough taxes from them to pay for the school buses.

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