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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


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When kids in Atlanta start sprouting extra arms and legs and coming out a putrid shade of green, I'll worry about industrial manufacturing. Until then shouldnt we be concerned with the second hand smoke and drugs killing our kids?

But what do I know? My ideas lend to environmental racism... and all I care about is the bottom line... oh and the fact that Georgia is sinking slowly farther into debt.

Please, continue to protest this and we won't have to worry about our school kids' lungs filling with dirty air. Why? The state will be to BROKE to fund public education. Since job expansion will stop in Valdosta I wonder who will be able to pay for private education? Hmm.


Dublin, Georgia, landed a photovoltaic solar manufacturing plant, with 350 jobs, in Laurens County, with half the population of Lowndes County.

Suniva of Norcross is selling so many of its solar panels that it needed to build a second plant, and nobody in Georgia tried hard enough to attract it, so the second Suniva plant is in Michigan.

Where was the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority? I have asked them about these two and they don't seem to have even tried to attract either of them.

How about if the VLCIA starts working to attract real clean energy and clean manufacturing jobs?

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