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Sunday, 09 January 2011


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Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Also, ask for it in electronic form (email or CD) because if they can do that you won't get an exorbitant per-page paper copy fee, and it's easier for them to handle, too. -jsq

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

And if you want to know what local government you can submit these things to:

Leigh Touchton

Dear Mr. Quarterman:
I wanted to let your readers know that they cannot demand prepayment for the Open Records. I was initially told that I would be charged $350 by the VLCIA via Brad Lofton. Subsequent complaints to the Attorney General's office resulted in my ORR being fulfilled without any prepayment demands. However, Mr. Lofton subsequently blocked my email address such that I can no longer transmit ORRs via email.

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