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Sunday, 02 January 2011


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The Noll Family

... and if your try to get a video of the December 6 event, you will also be disappointed ... we tried to get it from the VLCIA today ... and were told that it was not available yet ...

Brad Bergstrom

At the Jan. 13 forum, Joy Ezell described Dr. Teaf as a person who "never met a toxic chemical he didn't like" and someone who has at least a sideline of being a professional expert witness (always for the industry).

Leigh Touchton

I spent about ten minutes on the internet researching Dr. Christopher Teaf's numerous paid endorsements around the country for various chemicals. This article


was compelling. Dr. Teaf is on public record endorsing the safety of arsenic in wood as posing no health threats to children (or adults). Numerous lawsuits around the country were adjudicated against his "expert findings" and subsequently the EPA banned CCA (arsenic) treated wood in playground equipment because of the health hazards to children.

I only spent about ten minutes, but I uncovered much information re: how Dr. Teaf's "expert" opinion has been trounced by some of the same governing agencies like the EPA that Mr. Lofton deems credible on other subjects. I found news coverage by WCTV over Dr. Teaf's endorsement of the Tallahassee biomass incinerator, I've read a letter from several of his colleagues in his own department at FSU opposing his opinion, and I found the letter written by the Tallahassee doctors' association opposing Dr. Teaf's opinion as to the safety of biomass incineration. I also found where the Tallahassee Democrat reported his endorsement of biomass and yet he did not disclose to them that he was paid by the industry to render his opinion, IOW, a paid consultant, for BG&E, which subsequently left Tallhassee when corruption probes were launched.

Other groups that oppose Dr. Teaf's credibility as an expert witness include the ones WACE has already shared with the community: American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, and American Heart Association, etc.

I don't understand why Dr. Teaf's opinion is deemed more credible by Mr. Lofton and VLCIA board members than all the groups I just listed.

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