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Friday, 18 February 2011


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matthew richard

you note that "Colonel" Ricketts is the public face of the VLCIA. my guess is that the military fetish (irrational devotion) that exists in the south . . . anything a military man says is deemed trustworthy. Ollie North comes to mind . . .

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Ricketts actually asked me not to call him Col., rather Allan. As I told him, it's my practice to use the highest honorific anyone has earned.
Yes, he's one of the public faces of the VLCIA. They seem to depend on his organizational expertise, which is what colonels are supposed to be good at. However, operations isn't all that's needed for an Industrial Authority. "Jobs, jobs, jobs" isn't good enough, as I reminded them Tuesday: http://lake.typepad.com/on-the-lake-front/2011/02/why-jobs-jobs-jobs-isnt-good-enough.html
The VDT reported on an example of the problem the other day, leaking water and sewer lines causing traffic and pollution problems due to growth without enough planning: http://lake.typepad.com/on-the-lake-front/2011/02/uncontrolled-growth-and-water-problems.html

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