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Thursday, 24 February 2011


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matthew richard

for sale: Lowndes County . . . we don't value our air, our water, or our citizens for that matter . . . because we've no creative solutions and we need revenues, how 'bout we make this biomass deal? it's a get-rich quick scheme that ignores all health advisories . . . if you have a child with asthma, it could get downright scary according to the american medical association . . .

Karen Noll

These monies are our tax dollars. What would $17,000 buy for our schools? Much more than an evening of power points. It would be field trips for school kids. $17K would pay for a few computers, new gym equipment, good behavior prizes for 3 or 4 schools, or books for the library. I thought Sterling Planet viewed our our community as worth investing in.Why didn't Sterling Planet pay for this event?
So, they get a tax abatement(local taxes), tax credits(federal taxes), and Public Relations from the VLCIA (local taxes).What do we get? Oh, yeah, asthma, lung disease and heart attacks. Wow, great use of tax dollars.

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