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Sunday, 20 March 2011


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Leigh Touchton

Maybe next month they'll rubber stamp a nuclear reactor. I hear the pay for those jobs is excellent.

Four board members that approved biomass and the CCA private prison need to go: Jerry Jennett, Mary Gooding, Roy Copeland, Norman Bennett. Apparently none them are going to make informed decisions before they rubber stamp the proposals Lofton and Ricketts put before them.

Valdosta does not need a private prison, these things, just like biomass, are gov't boondoggles and often get shut down. Prison escapes are common, human rights abuses rampant, and there is absolutely no incentive for a private prison to rehabilitate prisoners. Both the Catholic church and Presbyterian church have strong national position statements against private prisons.

matthew richard

i hear that certain member of the Criminal Justice faculty at VSU also disapprove of private prisons . . . VDT, are you listening? how 'bout THAT interview?

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