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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


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Susan Hall Hardy.

Not to be rude, although honesty is very often perceived that way these days, but, the industrial authority executives rarely thank their communities. In the six states I'm most familiar with, these fellows see themselves as beholden only to their employers. After all, they work with their directors, elected officials, a few bankers and city/county department heads. Rarely do they come in direct contact with the average voter, employee or homeowner, although all those people often pay a large part of their salaries and office operating expenses. Despite the public funding, these groups are usually tight lipped about how they do business and rarely provide the public with records or audits. We've all put up with that manner of doing business for so long we now see it as just that -- t
he way you do business. We'd never accept that from a nonprofit organization,
a charity group or most elected officials. Shame on us all.

Leigh Touchton

Right on, Ms. Hardy. Shame on us all for putting up with this.

I have tried for 6 months to get copies of the emails Brad Lofton sent to his "stakeholders".

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