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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


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Leigh Touchton

Although Mr. Carroll voted for Jennifer Powell instead of Tom Call, Tom Call was voted in by Council to take the place of Gary Minchew. It is incumbent upon the Council to tell their appointees their recommendations per citizens' concerns. Chairman Paulk stated to us at the conclusion of last night's County Commission meeting that Roy Copeland and Mary Gooding were the 2 who were trying to convince VLCIA to vote "no" on extension of Sterling Planet/Wiregrass, LLC, contract. Mr. Carroll and the rest of Council ought to have been communicating to Tom Call to join with Copeland and Gooding on this issue.

Mr. Carroll has not been given hundreds of signatures in support of this biomass plant, I myself gave Mr. Carroll approximately 400 citizen names and Mrs. Noll gave Council another petition with hundreds more. Who are the pro-biomass citizens giving their concerns to Mr. Carroll privately? None of these alleged "supporters" have stood before Council during CTBH to put their opinions into the public record. Where have they spoken publicly? Where? the overwhelming citizen voice has been one of opposition to this proposed incinerator.

I just reviewed a lengthy transcript of CTBH that took place in November 2010 wherein Mayor Fretti directly engaged Dr. Susan Wehling and clearly stated publicly that the Council would have to vote to sell gray water to the proposed incinerator and that no such agreement had yet been made. Could Mayor and Council please get together and tell us once and for all what the situation is regarding the gray water? I do not expect to be told "go hire an attorney to research it for you" as was told to Mark George when he asked something similar.

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