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Wednesday, 13 April 2011


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Karen Noll

Unbelievable!! completely Outrageous!


And the Industrial Authority does have their nice Flash-filled website; you would think it'd be nice to have public records on there to add some relevant content.

Looking at GA public record request law, it will be interesting to see how they came up with this number. The hourly rate can't be higher than the hourly rate paid to the lowest employee; are the Industrial Authority salaries also public record? Also, they are able to charge up to $.25 per page, but the law requires that "An agency shall utilize the most economical means available for providing copies of public records." Who wants to bet they're charging the maximum $.25? If so, who wants to work on selling them some more efficient printers/copiers?

Karen Noll

Here's the link where the Attorney General of Georgia, Mr. Olen, says that they don't have to ask for prepayment.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

They didn't try to charge in advance this time; see next post. http://lake.typepad.com/on-the-lake-front/2011/04/five-hours-of-staff-time-to-copy-agendas-and-minutes.html
Good point, Alex, about lowest salary. I've never been able to find salaries for VLCIA employees on their web pages or anywhere else, but since they're paid out of tax funds, an open records request should work for that.

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