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Saturday, 30 April 2011


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Leigh Touchton

Mr. Quarterman, could you call Mr. Yost and ask him his opinion on biomass? I gave each Council member an official letter from our branch about 10 days ago and have not received any letters in reply....yet. I handed them directly to them.

Karen Noll

On Friday, April 29, 2011 I met with Mr. Yost to discuss the biomass issue in person. Mr. Yost stated that he is FOR the biomass project and FOR selling (grey) water to the plant.

When asked for his reasons, he said it "would be good for the citizens of the county". When pressed to clarify, he said that the jobs and the energy would be good for the citizens. He had no clear rationale for how these 25 jobs would positively effect his constituents, nor how diversifying GA Powers energy sources would help his constituents.

The other reason given for supporting the biomass project was that he felt that the plant is safe as deemed by the permitting authorities. With a daughter with asthma and as an advocate for recreational activities, he was unconcerned by the evidence concerning the health risks presented to him. Mr. Yost went on to say that the plant would be safe because it had [emission] limits that it could not surpass and because it would be monitored. He was unaware that the permitting process did not take into account safety of the surrounding community or that ambient air quality was not monitored in our county.

Yost felt that the Industrial authority worked within its parameters and spoke highly of Brad Lofton. I did not bother to tell him that Brad Lofton was fired from his previous job and simply built his resume here (stating that the biomass plant was a done deal to his future employers when hired). I also left out the detail that our X-IA director tried to attract local businesses to Myrtle Beach before he left.

Karen Noll

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