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Friday, 06 May 2011


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Leigh Touchton

There is at least one solar company here in Valdosta that I believe is minority owned?


Seems to me that the need for jobs and business investments south of the overpass would attract more of these kinds of businesses? Mr. Quarterman, do you know what the Georgia tax incentives are for solar? I thought Pete Marte at Hannah Solar told me that they expired in 2010 and they were asking for citizens to contact their legislators to renew them for 2011, but I confess I have not followed the developments. I contacted Amy Carter and Tim Golden, but they had just switched to the Republican party which is apparently in bed with Georgia Power's coal and nuclear.

Do you know more about solar and potential tax incentives, Mr. Quarterman? Sure would be nice if we could get some small solar businesses growing here.

Bobbi A Hancock

Nice article John but did you notice they also support biomass?

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

I think the leg. approved the GEFA rebates at the last minute. Yes, there is such a company. They are off of North Valdosta Road, but there should be plenty of work for everyone. Financing is a big issue. I was just talking to MAGE SOLAR about that yesterday. There is a Chamber group forming to promote renewable energy businesses. I hope to have something to report on that soon. -jsq

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Yes, I saw biomass as an item in the Jemez Pueblo writeup, but no detail. Hm, looks like they got a DoE grant in 2009 but nothing has been done with it:
Maybe somebody researching biomass locally might want to contact them to see what their experience has been with that.



Found this, says program is inactive.

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