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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


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Karen Noll

John, I agree whol-heartedly. We are fooling ourselves if we think that the biomass buzy-ness folks will walk away from that there air permit. Right now, the economy looks bad, we don't need the enregy, and the project lacks community support. In a yar or two things might look different. We can look at Port St. Joe as an example of this rebounding biomess. Its not over even when they say its over. But the community is awake, aware and we have begun some of the dialogueing that needs to go on.
Very good comments. I gotta subscribe to this comment feed and keep checking the LAKE!!

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Yes, Port St. Joe is another example. "the community is awake": Roy Copeland said almost the exact same thing to me a few weeks ago. There are many things to work on that may attract money towards solar and other better projects. Carrots, with allies you may not have suspected. -jsq

Tim Carroll

Interesting news John. Karen mentioned the air permit issue when I met with her several weeks ago. That may be something to take up with federal legislators. Air permits being a marketable product once received. I am curious, do you know if government subsidies go with them?

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Good question, Tim. Perhaps one of the anti-biomass activists will research it. -jsq

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