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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


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Jessica Hughes

F.Y.I. - These statements were part of the investigation and citation for inhumane care for that now famous bulldog.

concerned citizen

My question is why didn't Officer Leavens end that animals suffering, according to the county ordinance she does not need the directors approval to do that.

Susan Leavens

Concerned Citizen,
Please understand that there are state laws that people get arrested for each day also; the county ordiance mirrors the state law(s) however if you have not read the statements no one was arrested either. And do you think the bulldog was the first incident? Keep reading!! Below are some other things which have occured in the shelter.
Page 3 #15 Cruelty,
Page 5 #23 hoplesly disable animal,
page 5 #26 humane care,
page 7 #36 records,
Section 5 page 10 Emergencies involving animals,
to name a few of the Lowndes County Ordinance.
So when you say why didn't I(Officer Leavens)end this animals suffering; I tried following the chian of command, read the open records.
Also, the county manager said "were updating the SOP to meet GDA requirments"!

State Statues 4-11-10 Unlawful acts by licensed persons.
It shall be unlawful for any person licensed under this article or any person employed by a person licensed under this article or under such person's supervision or control to:
(1) Commit a violation of Code Section 16-12-4, relating to cruelty to animals;
(2) Fail to keep the pet dealership premises, animal shelter, kennel, or stable in a good state of repair, in a clean and sanitary condition, adequately ventilated, or disinfected when needed;
(3) Fail to provide humane care for any animal; or
(4) Fail to take reasonable care to release for sale, trade, or adoption only those animals that appear to be free of disease, injuries, or abnormalities.

4-11-9.3 Caring for an impounded animal.

(a) It shall be the duty of any person impounding an animal under Code Section 4-11-9.2 to make reasonable and proper arrangements to provide the impounded animal with humane care and adequate and necessary veterinary services. Such arrangements may include, but shall not be limited to, providing shelter and care for the animal at any state, federal, county, municipal, or governmental facility or shelter; contracting with a private individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other entity to provide humane care and adequate and necessary veterinary services for a reasonable fee; or allowing a private individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other entity to provide humane care and adequate and necessary veterinary services as a volunteer and at no cost.

I am not a supervisor, people have been repremanded for doing "things" on there own and not addressing the supervisor first... read the statements... two other employees also told the director awaiting her approval(chain of command) for vet care/euthansia.

My opinion

Maybe because Officer Leavens was wanting the dog to receive help not kill it...ya think?!

My opinion

I think its a D@%* shame that Officer Leavens is trying her best to do the RIGHT thing in this BIG mess and there are more ppl against her rather than SUPPORTING her!!!

Just goes to show what kind of ppl she is having to deal with!
CAMERAS NEED to be installed in every part of this building, if they have something to hide...would be the ONLY reason NOT to do it.

Better yet get rid of the heartless cold blooded employees that are not putting the animals FIRST priority.
Come on ppl this is suppose to be a humanely run caring atmosphere for some of these animals LAST days!

What is wrong with these ppl that work here?
WHY are you even working around animals? Sounds like you should be working at a prison instead!

Susan, THANK YOU for standing up in what you believe in and for actually having a heart and caring about the animals.

For all you others involved in this mess...you WILL have to answer for your actions one day.
OH YEAH...may I remind you, KARMA IS A B%#@T BABY.
Especially when it comes down to Gods creatures that we are suppose to be 'caring' for.


Karma IS a b*@%h, baby, and it ALL of our responsibility as members of this exclusive club called the HUMAN RACE to be HUMANE, but ESPECIALLY those who are employed by an entity that is responsible and DIRECTED to care for those creatures in their custody and to follow the LAW set down which governs HOW they are directed to fulfill the requirements of their employment. If an employee canNOT fulfill these requirements, then it is the responsibility of the governing body to release that individual from their position and replace them with someone who CAN fulfill those requirements. There should be ZERO TOLERANCE for ANY deviation from this job description. “If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” ~St. Francis of Assisi

An Outsider Looking In

The animal community in Lowndes County should request that a Leash Law be added to the current Animal Ordinance - and watch how quickly your shelter intake numbers will decrease.

Did you know that an unaltered male cat and an unaltered female cat can, in just 7 short years, pro create to approximately 420,000 cats? It's true - currently there are reportedly between 117 and 157 million free roaming/feral cats in the United States.

Numerous Georgia counties continue to ignore their animal/dog population, claiming that their county can't afford to enforce animal laws.

Lowndes County should ask itself - can it really afford not to?

If I decide to drive down to Lowndes County for the day, ride my bike through a park or on a sidewalk, and encounter a stray dog who ends up biting and/or attacking me - do you realize the amount of money I am going to sue your county for due to not providing your county, and residents, with adequate animal control ordinances? And God forbid that dog tests positive for rabies.

I'll own Lowndes Co - and then change it's name to "Shoulda", Ga.

"Shoulda" had adequate animal ordinances in place.

Just a thought, folks.

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