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Wednesday, 01 June 2011


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Seth Gunning

I appreciate the acknowledgement John, but you missed the biggest players of all. The community leaders who have bore most all the weight of the fight to protect Valdosta/Lowdnes County air, forest, and community. WACE, you all deserve much gratitude and praise for your time, energy, insight, and willingness to stick your necks out to take a stand for the community you live and believe in. Thank you Michael and Karen Noll, Leigh Touchton, Jane Osborn, Bobbi Hancock, Matthew Richards, Susan Wheling, Matt Flumerfelt, Ben Veith, Erin Hurley, Lauren Linahan, Mario B. and so many more. Thank you, and thank you to your families. Congratulations! When is the PARTY???????

Seth Gunning

I missed a few People too.

John and Gretchen Quarterman, without you all, your dedication to transparency in governance, and government responsiveness to the citizenry- the issue might have slipped through the cracks all together. Thank you!

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Seth: look at the very first organization I congratulated, or at the dozens of posts in this blog on that subject. And the second was SAVE whom you may recall organized the meeting at VSU with Dr. Sammons. And NAACP which was willing to take legal action if necessary. And New Life Ministries, which hosted a Town Hall on biomass before WACE existed. And the rest whom I named, and others whom I no doubt neglected, such as Rev. Floyd Rose, who was willing to get arrested (again) in a Valdosta City Council session in an attempt to get Council members on record. Community involves many people and organizations.
Regarding LAKE, once again I'd like to point out that LAKE is more than one or two people. LAKE never would have existed without Carolyn Selby, and it wouldn't be nearly as effective without the many people who feed us stories and who file open records requests. -jsq

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