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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


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Jessica Craig

The arguments against using probationers in this article is weak and laughable. The whole idea that farmers will have to 'train' people to pick vegetables is non sense, esp. when pickers are paid by the piece, not the hour. I shook my head too when I read the 'concern' that probationers would have to be drug tested, esp. when migrant farm workers don't have to be drug tested. Similarly, the guy who said that he didn't want probationers working on his farm and casing his place must some how know the criminal backgrounds of the migrant workers he has hired in the past. I guess he has the number to the Mexican embassy on speed dial.

All of these arguments are fake. They are a poor substitute to what is really going on. It is easier to cheat someone who doesn't speak the language. It is easier to cheat someone who doesn't know the custom. It is easier to cheat someone who has no legal recourse. What are they going to do, call the Better Business Bureau, their congressperson, the police? uh, no.

Jeana Brown

Also see the contempt for our own citizens in the farmers words-"I don't want them to come back and rob me".

I say if we continue mass incarceration and rob people of the chance to come back into society as a productive member,we are not only cutting our own throats and future but we are filleting and frying it - might as well eat it. Crow can be quite good. The south has massacred it's own work force through incarceration.

Soon we will build private detention centers to hold immigration detainees and guess who makes the money? Not us. Check the book -Slavery by Another Name- it explains the mentality of the old south... Things have not changed. Convict labor is exactly what they had in mind. It's how they have kept generational wealth from being passed down, and how they confiscate property. Fight to be heard the South holds the whole nation back!

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

As a farmer myself, I have no trouble identifying with the quoted farmers' objections. I only use local labor, and the need to babysit is quite real, as is the theft problem with any unknowns on a farmer's land.
Let's not confuse the farmers who need labor with the politicians and lobbyists for private prisons who pushed through this ridiculous law. Maybe next election the farmers will think twice about who to vote for.
Meanwhile, let's not fall for divide and conquer and lose sight of the deeper problem: over-incarceration and under-education. We can't afford (financially, socially, culturally) to lock up 1 in 13 adults in Georgia. It's time for that to change. Farmers may now be in a better position to see that.

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