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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


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An Outsider Looking In

On the Lowndes County, Ga website, it states, regarding "Code Enforcement":

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division is a functional area within Lowndes County Fire Rescue, focusing on the enforcement of codes, ordinances, and zoning through education and compliance. The division works jointly with the Valdosta/Lowndes Inspection Department, Valdosta and Lowndes Zoning Departments, and the Georgia Forestry Commission.

The Code Enforcement Division responds to the concerns from citizens that affect the quality of life within Lowndes County such as overgrown lots, inoperative vehicles, unsafe structures, illegal dumping, illegal burning, care of premises, and littering. The division is primarily complaint driven in that we respond to calls from citizens and county agencies. We do however perform limited patrol of areas to ensure proper compliance with county codes and ordinances.

To contact Code Enforcement or to report a violation, contact Lowndes County Fire Rescue at 229-671-2730 and ask for the code enforcement division. If you receive a citation, court appearances are made at the Lowndes County Magistrate Court located in the Judicial Complex on 327 N. Ashley Street.



I don't see mention of Mr. Ashley Paulk - nor mention of the County Commission as a contact office.

That settles that one.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

YOu're assuming the county's website accurately reflects actual policy or practice. That's the transparency issue that I keep bringing up. -jsq

An Outsider Looking In

I am assuming, yes, you are correct. An official county government website, maintained by the county Board of Commissioners, I would have to assume would, or should be, accurate.

And if it's not accurate,then I'd be filing a formal complaint to find out why inaccurate information is being posted on a county government public website.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Guess who your complaint will end up with. -jsq

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