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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


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Michael G. Noll

Of course we can! And "a mix of energy efficiency, [energy conservation,] and new renewable energy projects" (e.g. solar, wind, geothermal)is the way to go. We simply need the political will and communal support to make such a transition possible.

I am still in Germany and am amazed to see just how much progress has been made here in these past couple of years. Solar thermal and solar voltaic installations abound on private residences; wind mills can be seen in many regions; cars are more fuel efficient, houses better insulated, public transportation accessible and affordable, recycling thoroughly organized, etc.

We may still have a long way to go, but until we finally understand and accept the crossroads we are at, the need to commit to a more sustainable way of life, we will always lag behind other nations, while ravaging our natural resources and threatening our communal health.

Wiregrass Solar and the recent energy conservation study are all indications that Valdosta is moving in the right direction. Let's keep working at it - together and as a community!

Dr. Michael G. Noll, President
Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy

Karen Noll

SanAntonio has a solar Goal to reach by 2020. New Jersey also has such a goal to reach by a similar date. We can move forward with just such a comittment from the city to attain a reasonable goal.

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