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Sunday, 17 July 2011


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Susan Leavens

I really feel like the Lowndes County Commissioners meetings are more to pacify the community then to actually listen to the concerns of the citizens which I’m sure most counties are the same. I feel quite positive matters of concern actually never leave that room, I’m pretty certain if the room were full and more individuals showing concern for their community maybe things could change slightly. I have gotten the impression that they really don’t want to hear people’s opinions. I was once under the impression that there job of commissioners where to also hear from the residence of the county. It certainly has shown me how transparency issues and intimidation also go hand in hand. When you think of a member of county government it’s a position of power and power some obviously let go to their head. But after reading the article it appears no matter where in this country when you oppose them you obviously could be removed in handcuffs. You’re only allowed to have your 3 to 4 minutes to speak after interruptions and snide remarks. First Amendment right allows us to have freedom of speech… but broken down, it allows us our time at the podium less freedom of speech if Mr. Paulk decided to stop us. I wonder how the rest of the commissioners feel about his antics toward people being heard. Maybe they don’t have concerns in the matter but you have to wonder if they feel intimidated as well and just choose to say nothing.

Susan Leavens

An Outsider Looking In

You all can do what I do - create your own website and voice your concerns there. They can't cut you off after a few measley minutes there.

Take Ag Animal Protection - I've been emailing their management, and asking questions, since 2008 - they have never responded to one email of mine - except for their Open Records Department.

Oh - and they got the (then) Asst. Ag. Commissioner to email me out of the blue - to try to intimidate me into keeping quiet.

I think that one kinda backfired on them, though.

Most corrupt county commissioners/state officials, etc. hate publicity - unless it's favorable to them.

Just a thought. (*whistling*)

Susan Leavens

The biggest problem I see is most people want to be reactive instead of proactive; things will continue to remain the same in any type of government local or higher if people don't get involved that is the bottom line. Citizens want better laws, more money, wider streets and smaller business signs...whatever. People want to grip from the comforts of their couch at home and never stand up for what’s right. And God forbid when someone does... some people just dont like it. And some people really don’t want to hear the truth. If you’re not involved things will never change that’s the bottom line. I love your Website very informative!
Susan Leavens :)

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