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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


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Susan Leavens

"these individuals should be fired for insubordination.” My My My Dear Readers... I am beyond words here! I find myself scratching my head and simpling wondering "Just Who Should be Fired!" Its apparent that the issues are about power and who's in charge and who gets to say what, to who, and when!! These really seem to be a power trip and ignoring the issues completely. I listened to the Black Crow media issues on 105.9 and I clearly remember the woman (cant remember her name) stating that there attorney had looked over the contact and made appropriate changes to reference to the contract! And I also heard that Black Crow Media was being turned into the GBI for investigation... seriously I have not read the contracts but have followed it diligently and I'm still scratching my head here!! POWER TRIP!!

An Outsider LMAO

"The Authority"?

lol no way - tell me they aren't referring to
themselves (Commissioners) as "The Authority"?

That sounds like a low budget mafia movie title.

out of control

The contracts are far from valid! The contracts were created and approved by the parks and rec authority board attorney Gary Moser. In the meeting where Paulk spoke out against the contracts Mr. Moser told Mr. Paulk the contracts were not illegal. In the VDT article one of the Board members stated that the 2011 Easter contract was approved however Mr. Paulk states that the employees did the same thing last year and were told not to do it again. So let me get this straight - The staff is told not to enter contracts with Black Crow last year but the Boards own attorney oversees them to execution in 2011 and the Board states they approved the Easter contract?????????? Is anyone as confused as I am??? Also, who is the board chair because Mr. Paulk does a lot of throwing his weight around and speaking on behalf of the entire board. Maybe Mr. Paulk serves too many positions and is having a hard time remembering what is truly his duty and what is not! A much more intresting fact for the community would be that Mr. Paulk's electrical company held the electrical contract for the work that was done at Mckey Park Tennis Park. If that isn't enough how about the fact that NONE of the Parks and Rec vehicle maintence, cleaning, accounting, attorney, equipment maintence and many others. In the VDT article it was stated that all parks and rec services should go to bid - so I guess that means the only person in violation of anything is the Board itself!

Barbara Stratton

Ref comments by outof control - This is definitely confusing. I don't see anything in the controversy about contracts being put out to bid. Isn't the fact an electrical company owned by one of the board members was contracted to do work on a government project illegal conflict of interest? It appears to me that someone needs to come in & educate all the government entities (elected & appointed)& the public in Lowndes Co on what conflict of interest means. I have seen several incidents in government meetings where an elected or appointed individual excused himself from voting because of an admitted COI. How does that excuse the COI when COI also includes impaired objectivity, unequal access to information, etc. Basically if there is any connection between a government elected or appointed official & a private company contractual relationships of any kind come under COI & are not supposed to be allowed even if a bid process takes place. That is another reason why citizens should not allow public/private partnerships. Normal bidding procedures are ignored when a private company is chosen, eliminating equal competition and then the private company gets to claim proprietary non-disclosure rights under which layers of conflict of interst can be hidden forever. Tax monies that are designated for government only use can be funneled into the private company via pass through entities & other end around tactics. Once they get into the private business acountability dissolves into the propriatary protection.
Black Crow tends to be vocal about controversial issues, but they also usually allow equal guest voicing of all opinions so that we the public get access to more facts than other media sources think we are entitled to. Maybe that is why the Black Crow name got drawn into this issue which should have been an internal personnel issue within the context of the Authority meetng. Therein lies a lot of the confusion. By the way did Black Crow enter their direct link onto the Parks & Recreation Authority website under Other Sites That We Recommend or was that also an internal personnel choice? The link has now been removed, but I have a hard copy showing that it was listed there on 06/01/2011. Maybe we citizens need to hear the rest of the story of this stormy relationship.

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