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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


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I promise one can only imagine what it’s like to have a loved one die in your arms from a chronic lung disease like COPD, when every breath is a struggle and each day that passes a long and horrible death is the inevitable, my mother moved here with me from south Florida, her quality of life changed until her death from COPD in 2003. Biomass affects everyone, not just in the county it’s built in. I personally have children which I would love to see grow with strong healthy lung functions. Some children and adults already have asthma and other lung disorders. I’m not quite sure of the long term effects biomass consist of but I am quite sure were going to be the ones that suffer in the end each and every one of us! It does raise my concern when Dr. Noll speaks about biomass and we all might need to rethink the potential danger it will bring with it. Previously I thought it was a good energy source, I now think otherwise. Speak now or forever hold your peace because I get this feeling… there sneaking in!

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