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Monday, 18 July 2011


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concerned citizen

The county animal control covers companion animals livestock should be handled by dept of ag, don't they have equine cruelty investigators.leave it to the professionals and you won't have these types of problems.

sock puppet

I also applaud all those that helped relieve that horses suffering, as a resident of lowndes county, Dr.Mary Rogers,great job i really mean that, but it seems like you have some serious hate for your director, all in all she is still a county employee, your issues are with county government, they decide the budget,she is still doing a job, because you said she needed to do it different, if she had and she got fired, where would you be, probably laughing at her, your issues are not with this linda lady, instead of her name you need to put lowndes county, i think you have some personal issues with her, it seems like you and this ganas fella are the only ones doing the right thing, and all the work, while yall are out continuously complaining, the people that are working there are suffering, doing your work load. Maybe if they cut the complainers, they can hire a equine cruelty investigator, and get a lot of things they need.

Susan Leavens

Well Concerned Citizen,
Why don’t you give it a shot and read the LOWNDES COUNTY ORDINANCE :)
“The county animal control covers companion animals (sorry but Lowndes County Does work equine calls, but you sounded like you knew what you were talking about) livestock should be handled by dept of ag,”
Now this was even more intelligent “leave it to the professionals and you won't have these types of problems” So you think if we don’t work these equine call their won’t be these problems?? LOL For real!
Here are the definitions and were you may find them.
#4 Animal, any live creature, both domestic and wild ext.
# 28 Live stock; mean any and all equine, bovine, ext.
Section IX Impounded, abandoned, and surrendered animals
A (3) which indicates LIVESTOCK; which includes equine, bovine goats and other live stock.
And if you’re aware of GDA Equine Division works closely with animal control and we pretty much go before them so see if the call is even warranted for them to come. Stop indicating like you actually know what’s going on because it’s apparent you have no clue. So before you blast your stupidity out there on every Blog… why don’t you read up and educate yourself! So are you saying that if a horse is running down the road animal control should call GDA and allow the horse to remain at large? Know there’s an intelligent thought from a concerned citizen.
Sorry you feel that way… and its people just like you who would allow a horse to remain in pain and suffering… now that’s apparent!
Susan Leavens :)

Susan Leavens

You may perceive it however you like, this is about cruelty and neglect. I will use which ever word or name who was involved. And no, I do not “hate” Linda”, I hate what she’s done and what several of us have seen. Linda is actually very easy to work for. I didn’t talk to Lowndes County???? I spoke to my superior and DIRECTor, LINDA PATELSKI over the horse. If there was a number to call for them well I guess I would have (dah). So don’t read into it you funny little sock puppet because you’re on the verge of stupidity. I have an idea why don’t you look outside the box; you’re solely focused on an individual(s) and not the matter at hand. Surely you are educated enough to do so or you wouldn’t be so interested in following these blogs.
No need to read into it... by stander, sock puppet, who ever you want to be today! Its about ANIMAL CRUELTY... this isn't about personalities, likes, or dislikes. Its about inhumane treatment and cruelty.
Susan Leavens :)

lifetime citizen, resident

Actually, its not a joking matter, cruelty, people losing jobs, corrupt government, none of us can actually fix all the problems, we only do what we can, i was just speaking my mind, and stating my opinion, someone on here called me a sock puppet, theres no need for any name calling, anger or threats from anyone cause god is the only one that can judge any of us, we all do what we can while we are on this earth, you got issues, thats your god given right to do what you think is right,nothing i say, or what anyone else says will change what you are doing,only you and your maker know what your agenda is, when its over i guess its just over, we all have things that we think are an injustice and fight to get the wrongs right, we just have to accept the consequences of our actions in the end.

Susan Leavens

Yup I agree in the end God is the one how takes care of those who take care of his. I know that some people believe these are false allegations. If we take away all the names and friends and which county all this happened in and if people were just reading this in general the overall consensus would be the inhumane treat. Because we add friends, coworkers, sisters, brothers, wives whatever it makes the issue turn into its not anybodys fault because of the BUDGET, well I would understand that to if it were consistent. But choosing to do nothing is not the answer either. Worried about losing jobs and so forth is still not the answer. There has to be a consistency to humane treatment. If I am wrong then why the hell do we do the job we do! If I am sent to pick up and injured dog and refuse to go because I don’t want to waste county funds burning upon there diesel then I have taken it upon myself to commit inhumane treatment BECAUSE ITS MY JOB!! Do you think if any one of the animal control officers refused to work a call of inhumane treatment or cruelty that they would have been fired? No need to even ask that one… FIRED GOOD BY SEE YA LATER! It matters not if you run the show or you are a worker… leaving that horse in that field was inhumane! That horse suffered no matter how the hell you look at it!! But three months later 2 horses were picked up and one was euthanized and the other adopted out????? Where’s the justice for those who suffer??? But if they’re going to pick up 2 and euthanize one what makes that any different than just euthanizing the case horse? You people want to judge me for telling the truth, no animal in that county should have to suffer once a call has been made to render aid to that animal because the point is LOWNDES COUNTY EUTHENISES it is NOT A NO KILL SHELTER!! Hence… humane care!!
Susan Leavens

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

When will "lifetime citizen" accept the consequences of its actions and tell us who it is? Until then, if the sock fits, wear it.
Meanwhile, indeed the root of the issue seems to be with the Lowndes County government.
A concerned citizen could help us find out what's going on.
Probably the shelter could also use more funds.
A concerned citizen could probably use the pictures Susan Leavens is supplying to mount a campaign to raise funds for it.

An Outsider Looking In

Ga. Ag Equine Division is authorized to impound animals if animal cruelty is suspected.

However, if you take the time to read the state law (Ga. Code Section), you'll see that local animal control and law enforcement are also authorized to impound horses/equine.

Counties need to understand that Ag is REGULATORY - they are NOT a criminal office. They cannot legally conduct a criminal investigation, nor file criminal charges.
Criminal investigations, and charges, have to be handled by local law enforcement.

The below excerpt is from "The Ga. Animal Protection Act" - which is - a state law.

4-11-9.2. Inspection warrant; impounding of animals

(a) At any time there is probable cause to believe that a violation of this article or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant to this article has occurred, the Commissioner, his or her designated agent, or an animal control officer who is an employee of state or local government may apply to the appropriate court in the county in which the animal is located for an inspection warrant under the provisions of Code Section 2-2-11.

(b) Any sheriff, deputy sheriff, or other peace officer shall have the authority to enforce the provisions of this article and Code Sections 16-12-4 and 16-12-37.

(c) The Commissioner, his or her designated agent, an animal control officer who is an employee of state or local government, or any sheriff, deputy sheriff, or other peace officer is authorized to impound any animal:

(1) That has not received humane care;

(2) That has been subjected to cruelty in violation of Code Section 16-12-4;

(3) That is used or intended for use in any violation of Code Section 16-12- 37; or

(4) If it is determined that a consent order or other order concerning the treatment of animals issued pursuant to this article is being violated.

(d) Prior to an animal being impounded pursuant to paragraph (1), (2), or (3) of subsection (c) of this Code section, a licensed accredited veterinarian approved by the Commissioner or a veterinarian employed by a state or federal government and approved by the Commissioner, shall, at the request of the Commissioner, his or her designee, an animal control officer, a sheriff, a deputy sheriff, or other peace officer, examine and determine the condition or treatment of the animal.

An Outsider Looking In

Concerned Citizen:

Just to fyi you - Lowndes Co, or any county in Georgia, is authorized to impound equine if they suspect cruelty or neglect - and/or companion animals, for the same allegations.

And Ag is far from "professional" - if that is who you are referring to as the "professionals".

lifetime citizen, resident

JSQ, give it a rest, please, your not worth the time, go piss on someone elses tree,if i dont agree with what your doing its my god given right, im not helping you do anything, fight your own battles jsq. I made a comment to leavens, she responded, we had some discussion on here, I understand where she is coming from with what she is doing, i dont agree with the way she is doing things,but what i think does not matter,leavens is doing what she thinks is right, and thats her right, but we all have to do what we have to do,jsq it seems like your the one trying to stir up things, sock puppet, whatever, grow up JSQ.Isaid what i had to say, she said what she had to say, its done. i dont care what your name is, who you are, either way you cant do anything, but be jsq.

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