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Friday, 15 July 2011


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curious bystander

hmmm, ms leavens statement/complaint to the dept of agriculture is dated when? this statement here would lead one to believe ms leavens is solely responsible for the whole incident being reported, but rumor has it the department of agriculture was contacted on June 2nd by the county to report the incident...maybe ms leavens is not the ONLY person wanting justice? Perhaps she would post her actual date she reported it and acknowledge that the two employees were already terminated BEFORE the department of agriculture ever set foot into the shelter due to her statement?

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

That's an interesting interpretation that ignores all the other people who have spoken in Commission meetings or posted here about this subject: all of them seem to want justice, too.
Maybe curious bystander would make its real name public, as all of them have done?

An Outsider Looking In

Would it not be the Shelter Director's responsibility to ensure that all shelter employees are certified as required ?

And poo, who in the county reported anything to Ag?

If they didn't even know that shelter employees that euth'd were supposed to be trained to euth, how would they know what was wrong or right?

I call foul - unless a name is provided.

curious bystander

i am referencing this one subject, merely stating what the statements provided have referenced, i am neither attacking nor defending anyone, only noting that ms Leavens may not be the only person interested in justice...this should justify all that has transpired previously

An Outsider Looking In

As well, it is the Ag inspector's responsibility to check and verify during every inspection that the layperson form is accurate. Has the inspector ever checked and verified this form - the same form that the Dept of Ag Animal Protection is required to maintain an accurate copy of in their office?

If she failed to do this, then should the two shelter employees have to suffer with losing their jobs?

Have the two shelter employees retained legal counsel?


curious bystander

one would no doubt need to ask the inspector that question, and it IS a good one. If not checked i agree should employees be penalized?

Susan Leavens

I beg to differ curious by stander... Tim Cook was fired before the labor weekend... Heather Terry was not fired until the holiday was over!! And there was no call made to GDA until after the Ms. Patelski contacted Dr. Thornhill and Joe Prichard. And if you READ the GDA regulations or know anything about the regulations/law... perhaps you would also know GDA is suppose to be contacted right away (FIRST)... And yes I did make the complaint! Do you have a problem with that? It seems funny reading over the statements that another employee was told earlier by heather and that SAID emplyee didn't report it to there supervisor right away. Perhaps its the same employee that called the director to the TECHROOM to show her the safe had been left open which lead to Tim and Heather getting written up for that the same day they euthenised the said dog which got them fired. Obviously your are/were employed there. I have nothing to hide... paper work does not lie nor do I! If there is anything in these blogs to which you need some direction I would be glad to help, but I think your well aware of them and have nothing to ask because you are/were employed there! ;) I didn't write these statements... employees there did!!

curious bystander

I have no problem with the truth, and am not sure why you are so defensive, what i have posted is readily accessible in the open records you so generously posted, my apologies if i have somehow offended you. i will endeavor to read the GDA regulations and become better informed as information is power, thanks for the suggestion!

Susan Leavens

Oh an I forgot to add I made the complaint on June 1 2011, Looks like the county was a day later them me if they did indeed contact GDA on the 2nd. I am unaware all it says in the complaint that after she recieved the information she contacted her supervisor and then Linda contacted Pat... I am not aware of a date of contact by Linda to Pat... but I kow it was after I placed the call to GDA. And the shelter is on probation and GDA was not contacted when the safe was left open on 5/20/2011 perhaps because it would have been another violation! I am not sure.
Susan Leavens :)

Susan Leavens

I am defensive, because I have struggled to have these issues investigated and it seem I am a bias opinion per "Joe Prichard" and threatened with jail by Asley Paulk... the issues of inhumane treatment and cruelty go unresolved and people seem to be more worried about Who said what and who did what first! The point is what I have been saying all a long is and has happened and there not being adressed! I will stand by my statement to GDA, I have nothing to hide but perhaps I need not be so defensive... its been a long battle!
Susan Leavens :)

lowndes county tax payer and resident

Please, give it a rest, those people are trying to do a government job, with limited funds like everyone else in this world, you people need to get a life, this leavens lady does not even live in this county, go to your county of residence and fix your animal problems, ive visited the lowndes county shelter, good people trying to do a job noone else has the guts to do, leave em alone, move on, get your life in order, let god handle it, he will handle us all in the end. I ts cruel to be so vindictive, why dont you people tell your conty commissioners, and manager to raise all of your taxes so they can build those people at the shelter a bigger and better shelter than provided, more space, more equipment, a veterinarian on staff, stop complaining, and go down there and help, instead of making problems. LEAVENS,AND THIS GANAS FELLA, COME ON,its funny the people causing problems for this county, dont even live in lowndes county,MOVE ON, GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER,thank you for reading, and god bless those people downthere doing a job, no one else wants to do,with limited funds, i will pray for you all, I have lived in tis county all my life, and i can tell you, if she really wanted to complain about animals , where was ms. leavens, and mr. ganas when the county had the old shelter on cypress street, we have come a long way, and now they want to complain, if you dont like your job, move on, let someone else that needs a job , do it, it seems the people doing the complaining dont live in this county, always complaining, false allegations, and appear to be costing the county money, they are always injured, move on, have a nice life, DAMN.

long time citizen as well

I certainly can agree with you on that, these other counties bring there animals to lowndes county animal shelter, and then they want to complain, and cause problems, and the humane society jumps on this cruelty stuff with leavens, they love animals but none of the key personell complaining at humane society never try to make things better, they just wanna complain, if they want cruelty investigated, hell why dont they hire an officer like animal planet and investigate and prosecute there own cases, stop adding to the problems, and help fix them.

Susan Leavens

your anger why? Because i expressed my concern about animal abuse, cruelty an neglect... Perhaps if your aware the shelter is under funded you would speak at a comm. Meeting an express YOUR CONCERN AS A TAX PAYER! And i will continue to make sure each an every person that was involved in any cruelty or neglect get prosecuted... My not living in lowndes should be no concern at the issues at hand. However you as a tax payer should want better for the shelter, lccm are held an you may tell them of your concerns im sure they would be glad to hear from you. As for which county i reside in is no real concern...is it.?

An Outsider Looking In

Alot of times, the local county residents are too afraid of retaliation TO bring forth allegations of cruelty, or corrupted officials. So I'm all for outsiders tossing in their two cents. I don't live in Lowndes Co - far from it - but I do know how corruption can fester in these rural counties when the residents choose not to speak out.

Kudos to ALL of the Lowndes Co taxpaying residents who speak out - not only for the animal's rights, but for their own human rights, as well.

Corruption corrupts. Period. And if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

An Outsider Looking In

And to "Lowndes Co Taxpayer and Resident":

Animal cruelty is a crime in this state - which includes Lowndes County.

Lowndes County taxpaying residents have a right and duty to speak up when they suspect questionable behavior from any sitting county commissioner, or any other county employee.

The commenters are not the ones "causing problems" - that would be on the shoulders of the ones in the county who are aware of wrongdoing(s), and are choosing to either look the other way, or flat out helping to cover them up.

I personally feel that there has been recent behavior, from certain county officials, that warrants looking into, if not investigating.

County/state/etc corruption is out of control in our society - that is not speculation, but a cold hard fact. And unless it's addressed, it only festers into a more severe problem.

Jessica B. Hughes

The issue of whether or not Sue Leavens and Ronnie Ganas living in other counties is irrelevant. They both work serving the citizens of Lowndes County.

lifetime citizen of lowndes county, not just a visitor complaining

Again, fix your county cruelty issues, get your house in order, before you try to fix others, county corruption is another matter, animal cruelty is what we rae talking about, if you dont like it move on, and i was at those meetings, county commission meetings, every thing you accuse people of doing , you also did, so include yourself, everyone makes mistakes, we learn and move on, all of you complaining, go down there and help, and stop trying make problems,the place has been investigated , leave the people alone, if you dont like who is in office, go down there and run for the office yourself, stp blaming the people down there trying to work, i do as much as i can for my county, im only one person, i also have been in the shelter, volunteered, you can say what u want about me, dont really care, but get your own house in order, before you start on someone elses,. you folks down there at the animal shelter, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YOU DO, YOUR DOING A JOB NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO DO, I APPRECIATE IT, THERE ARE LESS DOGS RUNNING LOOSE, THERE ARE NO DOGS CHASING ME ON MY BIKE, OR WHEN I WALK, YOU FOLKS DOWN THERE HAVE TO MAKE HARD DECISIONS AND THATS WHAT THE COUNTY HAS YALL DOING, THE PEOPLE THERE DONT MAKE THE RULES THE COUNTY DOES, STOP BOTHERING THOSE PEOPLE , JUST TRYING TO DO THERE JOBS,THERE IS NO ABUSE GOING ON DOWN AT THAT FACILITY, I VISIT IT ABOUT 2OR 3 TIMES AWEEK, AND HELP OUT SOMETIMES, lets move on people, feed the hungry, adopt a homeless kid, all of you complaining go down and volunteer, these employees complaining are making it hard for those trying to work, they are out injured spending up some county money, use your time to get well, and get down there and help.

Susan Leavens

I am currently working ty ;) time will tell im not going to argue about this it is what it is.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

See next post for who you're really arguing with. -jsq

lifetime citizen

If someone does not agree then there starting an argument, same thing as these continuous accusations,all disgruntled employees are all the same, god will handle it all in the end. Once again, all you aniaml shelter employees in this county,keep your heads up, your doing the best you can with what you have, like i said its a job no one wants,or likes, but they love you when they need you,KEEP RESCUEING ANIMALS, AND KEEP YOUR HEADS UP.and lastly, Im not argueing with you, im posting comments, let those people do there jobs, like you are doing yours, god bless.

Anom. Anne

I would like to say on behalf of the employees at the Lowndes County Animal Shelter, that all of the comments made are false. A person has tried several agencies to prove neglect and cruelty, but not one of these agencies has found anything, that is why she keeps moving on and on to a different agency. I feel like that no one there has been allowed to share there side of the story of what really goes on there, which is love and care. I have seen certain animal control officers treat dogs and cats badly and I feel that the no one has come forward, because they are scared.
Everyone should not presume that the shelter techs were the ones being cruel, there is two sides to every story, and it is time for the other side to take a stand and prove what is right. In the future the truth will come out, and Lowndes county will know the real truth!

An Outsider Looking In

Lifetime Citizen:

Animal cruelty IS what we are talking about - the corruption allegations come in due TO the animal cruelty. i.e. alleged imtimidation tactics, alleged threatening of firing people if they don't keep their mouths shut, etc.

Again, animal cruelty IS a crime in Georgia - it's a crime in the Lowndes County Animal Shelter as well. It matters not one bit if *you* think the shelter staff are doing a great job - IF they are abusing animals, neglecting them, performing illegal surgeries on them, experimenting on them prior to or after death, slinging them from side to side in there and against parked vehicles - then they need to be fired and arrested. Period.

And IF there is animal cruelty being committed in that shelter, and IF a county official is aware of it, and attempts to intimidate,harrass or threaten the people who are bold enough to speak out - then THAT county official needs firing and arresting, as well. Period.

Animals, you see, could care less what county we live in - or who chooses to stand up and speak out for them.

But if certain county officials have intimidated and threatened people if they speak out and up for the animals, and against the alleged abusers, then I'll be more than happy to speak out for both of them - the animals AND the people. Both belong to God - He created us and them - and it is our duty as His children, and stewards, to speak up for the ones who are being abused, neglected or persecuted.

r, wright

Seems to me the person who made the complaints is trying to have the animal shelter all to herself, when people want power they spread lies.

lifetime citizen

It seems like that to me also, she wants them to clean house and put government in office that will listen to her wants and needs. And they want the sherriffs dept to take over, then they would complain about cruelty when they start shooting dogs, certified law enforcement officer is not gonna get bitten by an aggressive dog,maybe they want the city to take over shelter operations,sometimes when u keep pushing for something, you get what you dont want, maybe they close the shelter, i guess they would be happy then, no one will have a job, all i know is i really appreciate those guys coming out and getting a mean dog off my property, thats what made me try to help when i can. Maybe these concerned citizens should do open records request and check out what kind of great employee these people really are, do a little research on the captain of the accusation boat, if your on it with them you can sink, swim.

Susan Leavens

I want to take a moment and say this, i know everyones been there seen a lot an also there are employees who are scared of loosing there jobs. I am not asking permission or your approval, and yes please do the open records personel files can also be open records i have nothing to hide if you would like to get a copy. Lowndes county has a wonderful shelter an several awesome employees an animal control officers as well. Imy concerns of cruelty an neglect that are being addressed by a law enforcement agency for the first time i might add, and its up to them to detremine any wrong doing. Its not up to me or you, i have only provided them with evidence. I do not nor have i ever stated i wanted any other job at the shelter other then being an aco. For those employees that are in the whirl wind over this its unfortunite because you are good employees. Susan Leavens :)

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