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Sunday, 17 July 2011


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Barbara Stratton

Aug 28 is a Sunday. Is that some new type of exective session or a typo? First thing to watch will be the competitive bid processes. Even engineering & design firms are supposed to bid for a government contract, not just be selected since design alone can involve a six figure price tag. The competitive bidding processes & conflict of interest prohibitions locally need to be tidied up & put back on track. Another thing to watch will be making sure no public/private partnerships get into the mix. Mixing public & private businesses is socialism, not private enterprise, which made this country great. We don't need them no matter how much grant money the feds promise.

Gretchen Quarterman

That's what the article said. Perhaps you could call Larry Hanson and ask for a date clarification? Also, there were quite a few comments on the article in the paper that I hope someone brings to the group.

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