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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


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Susan Leavens

I wanted to add the the owner of this horse was found guilty in state court and HE was prosecuted for what he did to her... the shelter however has never gotten in trouble for what happened to her there while in there protective custody!! No animal should have big fat maggots in their wound while in the protectice cusdody of any SHELTER!! IT IS AGAINST THE LAW!! Humane care shall be given at all times!! There were instructions from the vet, they just were not followed!
Susan Leavens

concerned citizen

And I want to add your Dept of AG statement said a vet was never called so which story is correct?

Susan Leavens

This is a different horse... the horse that laid in the back of the shelter for 3 days was turned in by its owner... I confiscated this horse from the owner how I might added was prosecuted in state court.
Susan Leavens :)

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