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Tuesday, 19 July 2011


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Barbara Stratton

I went to the June & July CUEE meetings just to see what they were doing & to dialogue about consolidation. At both meetings dialogue on consolidation was a forbidden zone. I keep telling you their game plan is textbook UN Agenda 21. Debate is not allowed. They manipulate everything to create what they misname "consensus" which means per their numbers & statistics everyone who does not speak out against their agenda is for their aganda including anyone who never shows up at all. In their minds every name signed as attending is part of their consensus, which is why I never sign in. It is also why they keep trying to say Sam Allen is for consolidation even though he chairs the group against consolidation. They made sure they got photos of him at the July meeting to further their consensus game. If you live in the city or the county & you want to hear real dialogue about consolidation come to the Friends for Valdosta City Schools meeting tonight (Tues 7/19/11) at Antioch Church located on Oak St. directly behind the Valdosta Police Dept which faces Toombs St. The meeting starts at 7:00 and is for anyone who is against consolidation no matter where they reside or which school system they support. Information is being gathered & expenses estimated for legal actions to enforce an injunction against the city only vote based on priority of law since the 1983 GA Constitutional Law which requires both voter bases to vote, has priority over the 1926 statute, which only requires city voters to vote.

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