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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


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Barbara Stratton

Very conveniently servicing the Valwood area. Maybe the extra cost is so they can go all the way to the mosque site without having to state the inclusion at this time since everything is so hush hush on that subject.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Yep, right by Valwood.
There's going to be a mosque? Yay! I'm a fan of moorish architecture, as are many people who have seen Aladdin. As long as they don't follow the example of their Christian neighbors and try to impose religious laws on the rest of us that we have to repeal later,
I look forward to a mosque to spiff up the neighborhood.

Barbara Stratton

Yo John- I too love Moorish architecture (& Spanish Moors). But if you go on their website the building they are planning looks more like a Murabitun design. Maybe they will sell us some gold Dinars before the price goes up too high. You will probably be close enough as the crow flies across the woods to hear the morning Azan. Too bad it can't be set like an alarm clock instead of always at dawn. I have a feeling we'll all be under Sharia law soon if we survive. Its a shame you & I don't communicate well on politics because we are all going to need each other very soon.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

If I knew their website URL I might go there and see; why don't you post it?
But I'm pretty sure Agenda 21 will prevent me from viewing it. :-)
I think we all need each other all the time.

Barbara Stratton

Here is the website: http://vicenter.us/

UN Agenda 21 will have no problem with you viewing it.

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