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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


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Karen Noll

This is truly a time for educators, and the families of students in our communities' schools to celebrate the leadership that the BOEs have shown.

That said, I would like to commend the LCBOE on the strength of their resolution. They not only state clearly that consolidating the schools would not increase in academic achievement , but a large tax increase would be expected. Another point that LCBOE included in their resolution is that such a referendum should only be brought by citizens, families, or educators. Jame Wright also made this point in his statement to city council last week. Without the support of the educators involved, and the families impacted, such a referendum question is just a big buck political agenda on the ballot.
This town is still small enough to call this spade - money trying to drive the education bus into the ditch.
Let me just say this-

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