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Friday, 12 August 2011


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Mr. Ganas, I am so sorry they closed Hooters. SO no longer will you be able to go there in the counties Animal Control Vehicle, go in and eat lunch. All the while, the dogs in your truck are suffering from the heat, because the trucks do no have A/C. Well maybe it is a good thing Hooters closed, now I will not worry about the dogs anymore, while you have a good time. You and Ms. Leavens are not as innocent as you are making your selves out to be Sir.

An Outsider Looking In


Isn't that called "deflecting"?

Susan Leavens

All ACO's are brought into the shelter before departing for lunch. Hooters, are they any different then eating at LOCO's or the Wooden Nickel or Mc Donalds? Officer Ganas was allowed to go for lunch at Hooters and never had animals on his truck while he ate lunch. But, if he had and you were aware animals were suffering and overheated why would you allow him to sit there for an entire hour while animals smoldered in the heat in them closed cages with no air or ac? Everyone knows Officer Ganas never had animals on his truck while he ate lunch at Hooters or anywhere else. In fact we]]officers are not allowed to go to lunch until our trucks were empty and disinfected; because we could be dispatched anytime while eating lunch. Could it be someone’s implying that the dispatcher at the Lowndes County Animal Service is not doing their job if in fact they allowed any officer to go to lunch with live animals on their truck… it never happened with any ACO working at the shelter.
Susan Leavens

An Outsider Looking In

Lowndes Co. has animal welfare issues that certain county officials won't address ....... but yet yall have a Hooters??

lol sorry - I just think the county's priorities are a tad out of balance, I guess.

Leigh Touchton

As someone who has won a libel suit I strongly suggest that Mr. Quarterman police his blog and remove the anonymous accusations about someone's work performance.

Libel per se does not require the victim to prove damages.

Leigh Touchton

Gave him 24 hours to remove the offensive post, he did not do so. Mr. Ganas, if you want me to testify as to what has been posted about you by someone whose IP address can be accessed by Mr. Quarterman, and if you want me to testify that Mr. Quarterman left it up for a lengthy amount of time, I will be happy to do so. I have saved it. My phone number is 229-245-1009.

An Outsider Looking In

Okay, I'm on Mr. Ganas' side, don't get me wrong - but goodness, why not let Mr. Ganas handle his own

"Gave him 24 hours to remove
the offensive post, he did
not do so."

lol goodNESS ! Are you the Lowndes County Forum Patrol?

The Quarterman's have done nothing but try to help keep folks informed regarding the ongoing alleged issues at the animal shelter in Lowndes Co. - to include providing information that could prove helpful TO Mr. Ganas, as well as Susan Leavens.

The "anonymous" who posted that comment is probably the same person that has been posting smear comments on all of the animal shelter topic forums. Big deal. Libel? Maybe - but with all due respect, why not let Mr. Ganas take care of his own affairs - legal or otherwise.

I hear Lowndes County has a Hooters - go have a burger - relax.

Jacob Fox

Hooters got closed down awhile back

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Everyone knows Hooters is old hat around here. This place is so sophisticated everyone wants an Olive Garden! -jsq

An Outsider Looking In

Ah well see - I'm not there but I will say that I am happy it's closed.

Any place that disrespects women in that fashion should not be in business.

For all of the lurker attys or wannabe attys out there....... this entire posting has been brought to you solely by "my opinion".

Leigh Touchton

If Mr. Ganas or Susan Leavens chooses to address the potentially libelous accusations posted on this blog then I'm happy to assist. Publishing libelous or defamatory accusations against a person's work performance (and I've never seen Mr. Ganas post here so I doubt he is even aware at this point of the public accusations that are being made against him) are unlawful. Most professional media outlets disallow them to remain on their forum.

If the Quartermans were responsible bloggers and truly concerned with building community they would make sure that whistle-blowers are not treated to potentially libelous slurs and accusations on this blog. It certainly sends a message to other potential whistle-blowers of what they can expect from the LAKE publication.

This isn't the first objectionable post. One was made in July against Susan Leavens and I hope she seeks legal counsel about it. It was still up as of yesterday. Shame on LAKE for letting those kinds of posts remain here.

An Outsider Looking In

Maybe the Quarterman's feel like I do - that most of the naysayers that post their comments on here are, most likely, just more of the "Sssshhhhh" club.

And maybe neither Mr. Ganas, nor Ms. Leavens, have that 'sue happy' gene in them - who's to say - really.

And, "shame" on alot of things that appear to be going on in Lowndes County.

Alleged animal cruelty vs libel/slander.

I'll take alleged animal cruelty for $500, Alex.

Jacob fox

I will be honest, if your work in the public eye people will say things. Maybe that person is real passionate about animals, I think she is just real animate.

An Outsider Looking In

Difference is - we aren't referring to "hearsay", Mr. Fox - we are referring to signed legal documents containing statements of persons who claim to have witnessed numerous incidents.

Huge difference between that and "people saying things".

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Howdy all,

My, this is a lively comment thread!

I haven't really been following it closely, because it did seem to be moving right along all by itself, and, besides, I don't moderate comments.

So, I've now read this thread, and I have a few thoughts.

You may all be interested to know that "anom." and "r.wright" posted from the same email address, and one of the IP addresses used by "r.wright" was also used by "Anom. Anne". Previously I posted about sock puppets:


When that topic came up again, the LAKE politburo made one of its rare joint pronouncements (you can spot those spotted owls by "for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange" at the end):


And indeed, "anom." or "r.wright" or "Anom. Anne" might gain some credibility if he or she or it said who they were, and even more credibility if it addressed the issues instead of sinking to spurious personal attacks.

On the other hand, my personal impression of "An Outsider Looking In" is currently pretty high, because "Outsider" backs up opinions with documents and reasoning, and has claimed to be the blogger of a blog that has extensively dealt in the same manner with the subjects "Outsider" posts on.

This is the Internet. Everybody's got an opinion, sometimes several opposing ones at the same time. Everyone can choose to contribute at any level. Speaking of levels, give this figure a gander:


Anyone who wants to make a contribution to the discussion may want to consider working up from name calling and ad hominem, maybe as far as counterargument, or even refutation.

If you've got a good argument for your position, why not write it up and submit it for posting?


Posting as a main blog entry doesn't make it the opinion of LAKE, either. All postings are the opinions of their authors, except the rare postings "for LAKE" such as those mentioned above.

Now I'm always glad to hear from Leigh Touchton, who hails from the same neck of the woods as I do (literally speaking). But she should know from that LAKE statement and the few others that have appeared that I am not LAKE, and "the Quartermans" are not LAKE. See above position statements from LAKE, or "About On the LAKE Front", at the top right of the blog:


Since she didn't even distinguish between a group and an individual, I have to admit I didn't pay a lot of attention to the rest of her comments.

Indeed, one can say shame on a lot of things around here. Me, I'm so mild-mannered I hardly ever criticize anything. Little joke there.

However, as I've mentioned before, I also recommend carrots along with sticks, and shine some light:


So, that's my opinion.

What's yours?

Oh, and LAKE has open meetings every month, announced on this blog, to which anyone can come.


PS: I'm told we *are* getting an Olive Garden, at the mall exit.
That should solve all problems around here!

An Outsider Looking In

Olive Garden is a family restaurant - so it has my vote.

And thank you for the kind words regarding your impression of me. I like to research things that interest - and/or irk me, what can I say.

I loathe puppy mills, Akc (or any doggie club for that matter)and animal cruelty.

Oh, and Hooters.


Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Olive Garden is a chain that people around here want because they see it advertised on TV. It will draw customers away from locally owned family restaurants downtown and elsewhere.

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