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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


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Robert Nagle

You should start calling him Louis.

Barbara Stratton

I saw you made the paper again Mr. Quarterman. Did you behave better at the Tuesday meeting? I noted two things from the VDT account. 1. Mr. Paulk evidently reads your blog & 2. It will be interesting to watch to see if the VDT & other media have to remain in the media corner with you.

Sorry I missed the LAKE meeting Sunday evening. I know everyone missed the lone wolf conservative. LOL! One day you will be amazed to realize we are on the same side on a lot more issues than just transparency. Is there a reason why you never post Lake meeting minutes? Just kidding! You or Gretchen could maybe message me some informal minutes or call when you have time. Stay safe!

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

It is curious the spin the VDT put on that, isn't it? Remember, any member of the public sitting in the audience could be singled out for flattery by the Chairman!
I think somebody reads the LAKE blog to my neighbor Ashley Paulk. When I spoke to him after yesterday's meeting, he did not appear to have read this post.
The VDT reporter was sitting front row left as usual. I was sitting in my usual spot second row from the front, righthand side.
While one cannot know what is in the ordinance they passed yesterday until they get around to informing the great unwashed, the sign on the door seemed to indicate that only motion picture recording was relegated to the back behind the ribbon.
Look who thinks she's a conservative!
We don't post LAKE meeting minutes because there aren't any, LAKE being a rambling informal sort of organization. That could change. If you come to the next meeting you could help accomplish that.

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