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Sunday, 11 September 2011


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Farrah D. Reed

I still don't get how unification would benefit the schools but I also don't get the appeal of county schools either.

When I first moved here (14 years ago) lots of folks told my parents that Lowndes High was a better school and it ended up being the school my younger brother and I went to for four years, Valdosta must have been really crappy because Lowndes High is not a school I would send my kids to.

I used to love school prior to moving to Valdosta and attending Lowndes High. The entire school is centered around dress code and football. That's cool that folks like football and the school has a good team, but academics and other programs are definitely not a priority, and it doesn't seem like that's changed at all in the last ten years.

Unless you work with your kids (or your kids work hard on there own) they will not be prepared for college when they graduate, VSU will still accept them (but they will take anyone that has HOPE and/or can pay tuition).

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