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Thursday, 29 September 2011


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vote no

Can you check into Prigohzy being the highest paid non-professional person in education in new york...$280,000. wonder what cuee paid him?

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Yes, I found that yesterday, along with plenty of evidence that yes, that's him. You bring up a good question to ask CUEE.... -jsq

Barbara Stratton

Good research John. I have not had time to research Mr. Prigohzy other than his connection with Chattanooga/Hamilton Co. school consolidation. It would be nice to know what CUEE paid him for his facilitator services. However, in light of CUEE's apparent public amnesia concerning amounts spent on the consolidation efforts, I doubt you ever get an answer. One reason they love the idea of Public/Private Partnerships is the fact they are immune from open records requests via proprietary exclusions. I'm sure they will evade all questions concerning expenditures since CUEE is also immune. I do think they should adopt a better cover than "I don't know", because if they are the business leaders they claim to be ignorance of costs is not very commendable.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

The Prigohzy series continues tomorrow morning, including what PEF proposed for the C/H schools, and what the actual results were. Plus some interesting information from Pennsylvania. -jsq

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