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Friday, 02 September 2011


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Jim Parker

What an outstanding presentation!!! Thank you Mr. Allen! As many citizens as possible need to see this,

George Boston Rhynes

You've done it again! Thanks and I really do hope our local community understand and appreciate the power of communication within our beloved community. Your efforts will abolish the deaf, dumb, and blind pattern and practice that has gone on for tooooooooooooo long in our beloved community! Just keeping it real! G.B.R.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

It's your video, George. (I took one as well, but yours is better.) And of course it was Sam Allen's talk. All I did was pull out some stills, do some transcription, and add a few links. Which maybe is your point: if we can do this stuff, others can, too. There are lots of other meetings to cover, and more eyes could help cover them. -jsq

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