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Thursday, 13 October 2011


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Barbara Stratton

Now I understand why you don't like it when I protest against UN Agenda 21. Everything you posted here is straight from the UN Agenda 21 blueprint. There ultimate goal is to get the entire population corraled into designated areas (actually stacked on top of each other in high rises) so personal vehicles can be outlawed with public transportation being the only option. One thing you won't like is you & everyone else who owns land will have to relinguish it to the government so you can forget private food production. On the positive for your viewpoint all the rich landowners & developers will also lose all their private property & their money no matter how powerful they think they are. Don't think that because you've chosen what you believe to be the correct side you will be allowed to keep what you have. All private property will be taken in by the government. The beginning of the process is public/private partnerships where the private owner/business is led to believe they are profitting from the arrangement when in reality they are giving control of their property/business/non-profit over to government entities. It looks good & is profitable to begin with, but when the time is right the government will exercise its right to total control. The ultra ultra rich the left is protesting about will be the only winners. Do you not ever wonder why people like George Soros supports Occupy Wall Street when he is one of the worst offenders of the protest lists. They give out grant monies & endowments, especially for education, that are designed to ultimately benefit their agendas & fool people into believing they are social justice benefactors.

Anyway I support your right to peacefully express your views. I've been displaced by greedy middle management individuals who took everything for themselves so I can identify with some of your points, but definitely not all. Even if I agreed with everything you are marching for I would never identify my support with what is going on in NY & other cities. I was sent a photo on FB of a male bearing his bottom to take a dump on an American flag in front of a cheering crowd in NY. That is mob mentality & not something I would identify myself with for any reason. I'm sure nothing like that will be allowed by your group here in Valdosta, but you are still associating yourselves with that mob mentality & eventually they will come here too.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange


"I've been displaced by greedy middle management individuals who took everything for themselves so I can identify with some of your points, but definitely not all."

I, for one, would be interested in hearing which points are which in your mind. Specifically which points as actually written in the document, rather than whatever these other things are you're referring to that are not in the document.


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