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Thursday, 01 December 2011


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Barbara Stratton

Kudos to John Page for questioning the state mandating directives to local governments. I am very impressed with his courage to question when everyone else seems determined to blindly follow state mandates. Do you have a contact for John Page. I want to encourage him for interposing himself between big government go with the flow and the people. A lot of the other rhetoric is smoke & mirrors & the comment that appointed officials are "to be trusted" usually means the public is not smart enough to question or have input. We are tired of the popular attitude of "elect and/or appoint us & then go away".

Also please publish the list when you finally obtain it & thanks for LAKE's continuing coverage.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

I wonder where the people who now are trying to do away with the Comprehensive Plan were back when it was being approved? I don't remember them being involved. And people who want public input: why didn't they call for the county to hold the public hearing back when it should have?
Also, if the government shouldn't be funding multiculturalism, why should we be spending long stretches of government elected or appointed time on positions from political cliques that are at great variance to the larger culture of Americans? Me, I think this nation has always been multicultural, and I find rants like that amusing.
Anyway, no, I have no contact information for Page or for most of the other GLPC members. If you want to go ahead and get such contact lists, I'm sure many people would like to see them, and we'd be likely to publish them.
Thanks for your compliments.

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