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Friday, 06 January 2012


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Barbara Stratton

I worked for CCA when they had the mental health at Valdosta Correctional Institute before Gold's Gym lured me away with promises of part ownership, etc. It was my all time favorite job. When you are burried inside a prison you have to have great teamwork with fellow employees, it's never boring, & I love to see bad men in shakles, which is how they transfer in & out. CCA paid better than the state, but not as good as Golds. You know this is one of the areas we don't agree on for partisan & other reasons. However, I do concur with you that CCA does not publish any positive info to back up their claims of being an economic plus. I emailed them direct to point out I could find no documented positives for my research & received no response. It's hard to defend when companies don't help themselves.

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