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Thursday, 23 February 2012


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Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

They went into executive session about 10:30 and may be finished with that by noon. They didn't say what they would talk about. Could it be the private prison? -jsq

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

They finished executive session a bit before noon and did lunch, then started back on the retreat about 12:30. Well, after somebody reminded Roy Copeland that they weren't scheduled to start the regular session until 2PM.... -jsq

Barbara Stratton

John - I know this if off the main post topic and you don't like to hear it. But, since you are aware and admitting that all these facilitated meetings follow the same format with the groups & the written poster lists, etc., I just have to remind you what I said from the beginning. The reason they all follow the exact same format is because they are all originated from the same source - UN Agenda 21. This is what they consider "consensus" which is just a fancy new label for the old Delphi Method of controling any group by making them think they are having input, when in reality the outcomes were already pre-decided. Those in the organization who will assist the facilitator are usually as innocent as the audience, and they are pre-conditioned to be supper nice so the other "sheep" will not realize they are being controled. Often they even provide food & beverages to compliment the engineered expreience. Please cut me some slack since you've experienced this numerous times now and start giving some credence to the existence of UN Agenda 21 methodology amongst us. I was trained to recognize the Delphi Method aka "consensus", but CUEE meetings were my first real time exposure on the local level. Since that initial experience I have encountered it in every facilitated meeting I've attended locally & you have been in many of them with me. It will ruin Lowndes County if we don't educate citizens and elected officials of the dangers of its source and its designed outcomes.

Sorry, but its a trained passion. I have to comment when I see an open door. Since we are both activists for non-partisan transparency in government surely you can realize manipulated "consensus" is an illusive shrouded enemy of transparency.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Barbara, I see you're on about UFOs again. Sure, OK, alien abductions are the real problem. Uhuh. Right.
Oh, if you ever turn up any evidence for the mothership, please send it.

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