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Wednesday, 01 February 2012


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Barbara Stratton

I've stated before my favorite job was working for CCA when they had the inmate mental health contract at Valdosta Correctional Institute & we did a good job. I'm not on your team for trying to keep them out, but I am researching. I've asked them for information & stats on why they are beneficial & gotten no response even though I expressed I would be willing to support their efforts locally if they give me something to work with. Perhaps this confidentiality agreement has something to do with why they ignored my communications, but you would think they could supply generic information to support the positives of private prisons.

Anyway, you know I definitely have your back on your argument for government transparency & open records. This is yet another argument against public/private partnerships. Our community needs to realize that PPPs are prime examples of glorified, tax subsidized crony capitalism (known in S GA as The Good Ole Boy System)that prevents honest companies from having a fair & equal chance at acquiring government contracts. Thanks for the continued efforts to expose flaws in local government transparency. We are friend advocates in this continuing effort to protect our citizen rights even though we often have partisan differences in our opinions & concerns. It is so hard for me to understand why our elected officials, who I know are well educated & intelligent can be fooled to overlook the dangers of public/private partnerships. If they want to privitize then there should be a clear delineation. PPPs or any mixing of government & private business is fascism, an intregral step to communism.

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