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Sunday, 12 February 2012


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The reporter didn't call it "new", Troy Davis did when he sent it to all the teachers. Maybe you should talk with some teachers who are deeply against the policy before you start ranting. And to correlate this with consolidation is ridiculous, you're just stretching for controversy.

Barbara Stratton

I found the controversy over the Lowndes Grading Policy convenient timing for last week's House vote on HR 1162 for a GA Constitutional Amendment to allow the state to establish Charter Schools with no oversight by local boards of education. HR 1162 failed the necessary 2/3 vote on 02/08/12. However,it was approved to be reconsidered on 02/09/12 so it has not gone away. Our 3 South GA republican representatives all voted in favor of HR 1162. (No surprises there, but we will remember in November.) Meanwhile part of the reason HR 1162 failed was the state Democratic Caucus undercut the House vote by requesting Democrats deny HR 1162 in favor of their version HR 1335, which they say goes further in allowing state officials to over ride local school board denials of special schools.

Obviously CUEE is not the only party interested in undermining and over riding local school board authority. However, I suspect CUEE had a hand in the phone campaign asking Lowndes school parents to call Rep. Shaw if they were in favor of HR 1162 because we all know that is one of their tactics. The message did not say to call if they were against it. CUEE is definitely still very much in the mix for discrediting local school board authority and our elected officials are evidently in their corner.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

More about what Dr. Smith says the reporter got wrong:

"Some accounts in the media have inflamed the situation by inserting into their reporting such unsupported opinions as “The grading guide appears to throw accountability to the wind.” Dr. Troy Davis provided written responses to questions submitted by Valdosta Daily Times reporter Brittany McClure. The February 1 article presents as fact the reporter’s opinion “Rather than the student’s fault, Davis feels that giving a zero is the fault of the teacher,” but this statement was not expressed by Dr. Davis. This same reporter now is asking board members in submitted questions, “How do you feel this grading policy will benefit the children of Lowndes County when it appears to do the exact opposite?” It is clear that the media have already determined how to present this story, and they are picking facts now to complete their narrative. "

I'd be happy to talk to some teachers about the policy.
Send 'em over.
Having spent a year researching consolidation, I wouldn't be at all surprised to find some of the former pro-consolidation folks among those pushing this media campaign against the Lowndes School System. I also think Barbara has a good point about the timing related to HR 1162. Some charter schools are a good thing, but charter schools established over the objections of the local school boards are something else.

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