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Monday, 20 February 2012


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Robert Nagle

Shouldn't Georgia Power be delighted folks are adding to the electrical infrastructure? If they have to buy less of the raw materials to generate power, shouldn't they be happy about that and pass the savings along to the customers?

I'm confused. Is Georgia Power a utility monopoly? Or is it actually a for-profit entity, trying to protect their market share?

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

It's both, and that's the conflict.
If you were making a big profit on what you know how to do (dirty coal), plus you just got cleared to pass through any cost overruns on your latest old-style nuke gamble, would you want any upstarts horning into your market?


Wilmington Island please. I would be delighted to let you put a solar array pole anywhere in m front or back yard. We are a one street cul de sac subdivision/ Penn station perfect place to showcase residential use.

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