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Friday, 09 March 2012


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Jeff Rushe

Good argument from both sides. We also need to realize that our very own govt. is the #1 drug dealer in America! While Wells Fargo & other bankers openly get caught laundering the drug money, owning the planes carrying the drugs and hiring the pilots and just face a relatively small fine, regular ppl go to prison for far less, sometimes for life!!! Our troops are made to guard the poppy fields in Afghanistan, guard the opium as it is loaded in trucks and the air craft so our CIA, MI6 & others can have the money for covert ops & such: http://3iffromwithin.info/yourls/afghanistan-opium-us-drug-war-hoax
The American ppl have been duped once again and that double standard is filling our prisons & ruining lives of so many ppl in so maUny ways. There is no excuse for this to continue!

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