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Monday, 05 March 2012


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Barbara Stratton

HB 397 looks good except for the loophole you pointed out. I'm not so sure about SB 176 which was approved by the senate and sent to the GA House last week per Senator Tim Golden's newsletter:

"SB 176, which would change the Open Meetings Act to allow governmental agencies to conduct meetings by teleconference under certain circumstances."

This bill has the potential to lead to weakening of Open Records and Sunshine Laws or as you say an open loophole. It would be nice if we could trust our elected representatives to protect our constitutional rights instead of having to wonder what special interest is influencing them at the moment. I know our GA Attorney General, Sam Olens, gets a lot of complaints about his strong support of the Open Records Act and Sunshine Laws. Obviously there are those locally and in state and federal levels who prefer to operate in the dark. Many justify this by saying private citizens are not smart enough to know how government should operate so they need to vote and disappear until time to vote again. I did not like hired nannies when I was a child, though I liked them as people, and I don't like nanny state philosophies as an adult citizen.

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