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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


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Fannie Jackson

Thank you for updating me. I meant Tim GOLDEN. Well. Looks like we have a lot of EDUCATION to be done about the current K-12 and CHARTER SCHOOLS. I pray that I can one day sit across the aisles or DESKS and chat with ALL of the above. AND, I truly believe in my heart that it is HIGHLY DECEITFUL to ABANDON one party AFTER you have been elected to represent its constituents. At least serve out your term and PRETEND that you represent DEMOCRATIC issues. AND, since I get to post here, I tend to vote DEMOCRATIC although there are MANY issues that I agree with the REPUBLICANS about. At the end of the day or the end of my life, I want to be remembered as someone who deligently served to be a CHRISTIAN.Thank you.

Fannie Jackson

PS.I misspelled diligently.Definitely got to get up out of this bed and LIVE. Thank you all for giving me back my PASSION...EDUCATION!!!

Barbara Stratton

Thank-you Ms. Jackson for realizing and challenging the dangers of for profit charter schools. When the GA Senate was arguing HR 1162 an amendment was submitted that would prohibit for profit charters. The amendment was not accepted because the main purpose of the bill is to open the door to for profit investors. Jason Shaw was the only one of our local legislators who voted against the bill and now we have to work hard to educate the public against the evils of public/private partnerships that will suck up tax payer funding and grant monies while they make mega profits for private investors. Georgia already has three Gulen Schools which are run by a Turkish Islamist and staffed by Turkish imigrants on H-1B visas. They were welcomed before the State Courts ruled charter schools were not constitutional last year. Immediately the state Chambers of Commerce and others interested in crony capitalism public/private partnerships began calling for legislation to change the constitution to allow charter schools.

Gulen Charter Schools: Imaginary schools of Fethullah Gulen

Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas

Anyone who does an on line search can find information for and against charter schools and anyone who still supports an open door does not have our children's interest at heart. I think it is obvious our legislators and our local Chamber who directs them are putting the interests of for profit investors ahead of education benefits. The local school boards will have no control. Since the state will consider public/private charter schools part of the state system students can be directed to attend a charter school if it fits their state and/or local driven agenda. Do we want to risk our children and grandchildren being directed to attend a Gulen charter school or a Marxist George Soros funded charter or any non-public school we have no control over?

I learned to appreciate the sincerety of JC Cunningham as we challenged consolidation and he will get my support and my vote. I believe he has the integrity and bravery to resist crony capitalist lobby pressures.

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