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Sunday, 08 April 2012


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Barbara Stratton

Simply musings since by now the meeting is history, but it seems the county has been eager to grant road closures lately. These roads were created for a reason at one time although I'm sure the county is happy to deduct road maintenance mileage. They may be an inconvenience to current land owners requesting they be closed, but I'm wondering if this practise won't create land locked parcels sometime in the future.

Once again we are being handed Regional Government entities like it is something the citizens want and need when we were never consulted. Everyone is concerned about Big Government from Washington, while we placidly accept constantly mushrooming numbers of regional bureaucracies that do not answer to citizen election controls. We need to realize that Washington can not increase Big Government network agendas without the seemingly eager compliance of state and local conduits. I don't hear or see any "voice of the people" questioning these regional tentacles, many with offices and/or huge buildings right in our midst. Is everyone part of or intimidated by the legendary "Good Old Boy System"?

Perhaps we need to communicate our mutual concerns about the non-public meeting "packets" to Sam Olens for official comment since we are ignored locally.

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