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Wednesday, 06 June 2012


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Barbara Stratton

Haven't you & I already attended enough of these community input invitation meetings to know they all incorporate variations of the Delphi Method? Only the names of the super nice, charismatic facilitators change. You will divide into groups to come up with suggestions which are then guided into their original pre-decided agendas & goals. One of these days we should have our own input meeting to discuss UN Agenda 21 which is the catalyst behind all these faux discussions. You bring your research to support the non-existence of Agenda 21 and I will bring my research to support it being the blueprint and engine behind all the regional government authorities and NGOs that are destroying our freedoms. These regional entities and NGOs do not answer to the electorate, yet they are designing our futures. Lets lay out the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and see how perfectly it aligns with Agenda 21. I also have the new SD-21 updated Agenda 21 plan that will be introduced at the international Rio + 20 being held June 14th-23rd so we can compare that document too. We cooperated against CUEE and agree against T-SPLOST with its regional government and social delivery system agendas and we agree on a lot of other basic evils of Agenda 21. You just don't like the name. Seriously, lets schedule a friend to friend discussion soon. You can let me know if this community input meeting operates any different from others we have attended except for the minor variations.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence, and neither hand-waving nor rattling off buzzwords counts. No, you and I do not agree on your UFO claims, for which you have never brought forward any evidence.

Barbara Stratton

I am inviting you to participate in a face time comparison of documentation for and against the existence of UN Agenda 21. I'll bring my files & documentation & you bring yours. Where do you think the agendas for the creation of Regional Governments, NGOs, Comprehensive Development Plans, etc. initiate? If UN Agenda 21 is a UFO claim why was it signed by President Bush in 1992 & endorsed by President Clinton? Why does it have an official UN web site & why have they scheduled the Rio +20 international conference this month to verify & analyze 20 years of implementation progress. Why are the globalists in every country clamoring for it to be elevated from soft law treaty status to international legislation status?

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

No one doubts the existence of a real UN Agenda 21. However, you have presented no evidence to support your numerous public assertions such as this: "it being the blueprint and engine behind all the regional government authorities and NGOs that are destroying our freedoms." If you have such evidence, I'm sure the readers of this blog, where you have made many such public assertions, would be happy to see that evidence, so I'm looking forward to you sending it here for everyone to see.

Barbara Stratton

Do your own research & disprove the claims. I'll give you one link that references Agenda 21 on regional governance.


Look up & read the UN Agenda 21 document itself especially Chapters 8, 27 & 28. The subject of NGOs is addressed more openly, but the regional governance ideation is found within the discussion of why & how NGOs are useful for getting around local citizen & government concern impediments. The citizen input meetings, mentors, facilitators, etc. are all there also.


You probably won't like this one because it has Christian comments, but it is a good summary of information on how Agenda 21 is operating internationally & in the US.

It is possible to research for weeks, probably months on all the available links & info. Since you like references you & other disbelievers can do the search to disprove that regional governance and NGOs are part of UN Agenda 21 implementation.
I'm not writing for grading critiques & I don't follow Ayers inspired liberal educational molds so taunting me to supply liberal media endorsements is useless.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Barbara, your claims are so vague and general that there is nothing to disprove. Once again you handwave about "read the UN Agenda 21 document itself" and you provide links to a couple of articles that quote disconnected brief phrases from assorted documents and then leap to their self-professed beliefs that go far beyond anything they present.
You can believe in UFOs or lizard people under Denver airport if you want to, but such beliefs are also not evidence.
I do have a question for you: why are you so opposed to citizen input?

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