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Thursday, 26 July 2012


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Fannie Jackson

Mr. Quarterman there is a reason why politics and political views should be separated from church and state. For example; I agree with Mr. Gayle's PERSONAL beliefs. However, Mr. Gayle and ALL elected officials are entrusted to represent ALL the people. Take for example Ken Collins, my Brooks County Board of Elections supervisor. Now I do not know, but I believe that he and I share somewhat of the same faith,i.e. the Church of Christ. The MAJORITY of Black CofC's that I grew up with preached AGAINST CHRISTIANS holding political office. Perhaps that has changed with the Progressive times. About Ken Collins, I am researching the duties and responsibilities of our Board of Elections. Is it a part of his job responsibilities to collude with a non-profit organization to file and try to PREVENT the RE-ELECTION of an incumbent COMMISSIONER? So ironic that this Commissioner was one of his most ardent supporters! What is that saying..Politics and..something..STRANGE BEDFELLOWS.

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