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Monday, 17 September 2012


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Thomas Kirkpatrick

It's nice to know that folks are seeing through the thinly disguised ruse that is the charter school movement. Another case of publicize costs, privatize profits, plain and simple.

Barbara Stratton

Thanks for the on going good job of presenting the biased trickery being aimed at the citizens. We know the Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Community Affairs will be trying every angle to buy this vote. Here in Lowndes County we defeated CUEE and T-Splost in spite of the huge monetary contribution inequities and we can and must defeat the Charter School Amendment. Lets not let this critical issue get lost in the midst of the Presidential election focus. Have you heard of any sources for yard signs and other campaign materials since this is a state wide fight?

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Hadn't heard about DCA being involved. Got any details?
Yard signs sound good; I haven't seen any yet.

Karen Noll

Thank you again, John for a thorough analysis with facts and links. What gets me is that our representatives just sit around and vote down party lines. I do not think they read the bills or listen to their constitutents. AS a member of the education committee Amy Carter must know exactly what this amendment will do to the funding of public schools and she voted, yes, yes, yes. Sure, let the people vote to change the constitution and let bullies in Atlanta steal our kids' education tax dallars. Leadership looks quite different folks. And she calls herself a sschool teacher. I call her a sell out. Glad I'm no longer in her district! I hear that Nubs is getting some signs and T-shirts together.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Go Nubs!

stella clark

I confronted Amy Carter about her "yes" vote to allow the amendment to be put on November's ballot even though Dr. Smith asked her to vote "No" as per the LBOE decision. She hemmed and hawed and then said she wanted to allow the public the opportunity to vote for or against charter schools. She was looking out for the public interest. She obviously is a pawn for Gov. Deal.

Karen Noll

Yards signs are coming soon. The Georgia Association of Educators (http://gae2.org/content.asp?ContentId=1417) is getting them together. I'll get with the rep to get us some here.
T-shirts designed by our own Ashliegh Tucker are for sale right now. Please look on the web: http://www.gsba.com/

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