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Saturday, 01 September 2012


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Shane Owl-Greason

Thank you for reporting this! Please note that there is more to this story! Georgia Solar Utilities, Inc. (GaSU) has now broken the barrier and GA PSC needs to recognize that GaSU's has shown how 2GW's (only 12% of GA Power's generating capacity) spins off $15B (yes, billion!!) is ratepayer reductions over the next 40 years!! Not to mention jobs, tax revenues, and a $320M investment for Putnam Co without the need for increased infrastructure that typically a $320M investment would require!!! Amazing and please call your Commissioner and ask for their support to help ratepayers and Putnam!!!

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Details, please. I see a GaSU PR http://www.gasolarutilities.com/7.html
that mentions "over $10 billion in 40 years", but the PR says nothing about Putnam County. It says the study was presented to GA PSC Thursday. Is there a copy on the web so we can see it? Or if GaSU sends a copy to LAKE
LAKE can publish it.

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