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Sunday, 02 September 2012


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Well, over here it seems the Queen owns the sunshine...


...I don't think you can rely on solar power installations being subsidized - rather than taxed - on into the future.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

I'd forgotten about the window tax. So you're saying Georgia Power is the Queen of Georgia?
It would be nice if the oil business would stop being subsidized and start paying its real tax rate.


Georgia Power may not be Queen of Georgia but they may be able to buy off enough politicians to get the taxes, regulations, and subsidies they want. Or the politicians might just be desperate for money and decide to tax everything that's nailed down... the lesson of the Window Tax.

Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange

Your first sentence seems to have already happened.
The second sentence is the opposite of what's happening in general in Georgia: the leg. is busily shoving all taxes off onto sales taxes that affect most those least able to pay. -jsq


Either way, the financial viability for the individual has little to do with the actual technology and much to do with the regulatory framework. Here in UK, if you figured out how to run your car on tap water (as sundry intarw3bz scams claim is possible with no regard for established physics) you then owe Her Majesty 37p (last I looked) litre fuel tax for the water you use to power your car - which could mean, if the MPG is low, that water could end up more expensive than petrol.

Shane Owl-Greason

New petition for Georgia Solar Utilities, Inc


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