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Tuesday, 09 October 2012


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Who watches the watchers

The idea that the architect has to be from Lowndes county was and is ridiculous. When building a multi-million dollar infrastructure piece, as a citizen, I want that to be built by the best producer at the best price and if that coincides with a local producer; then fantastic for them, but limiting or granting your selection criteria by "geographic location alone" is not in the best interest of anyone.

Some local firms, but not all, seemed to have come to the conclusion that because their name was so and so, they were local or they had previously done work for the city, county, VSU, etc. that they were the automatic shoe in and they did not address the over 300 page packet of information that was sent, strayed from the guidelines and failed to present a coherent vision of what a technologically advanced library facility would be.

CRA did their research, got a fantastic consultant, presented the best presentation and wildly exceeded expectations while sticking well within the budget and being fiscally responsible to the project and the citizens of Lowndes county. CRA could have been from Nome, Alaska and they still would have had the best presentation and pitch out of all the companies that submitted that day.

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